Friday, December 21, 2012

Building a tube amp Fender Champ 5f1 model copy

It is a fender 5f1 copy with some mods: 

-Solid state rectifier (FRED diodes)
-AA764 power source resistors values
-Standby switch
-One knob traditional tone control
-NFB pot
-Resistive attenuator
-Fat switch
-Master Volume
- 100nF for the second coupling cap (before the vol pot)
- 6V6 United Electron and 12AX7 Tung-Sol
- PIO capacitors (V 2.0)

fender champ 5f1

The V 1.0 guts:
The "head":
The "box":
The "combo":



  1. Can you maybe explain this a little bit? Why do you prefer a solid state rectifier as opposed to the original. Also why do add more AC to the cathode of the 6V6? It shows that you have 6.3 going through 2 100R in parallel to the cathode, I'm really curious about that.

  2. I prefer solid state because of the cost. The two 100 R resistors are for noise reduction, the catode is for a reference voltage, it is a configuration useded at some amps, whem you don't have the 3,15 + 3,15 transformer with a center tape. Tks for the questions.

  3. If you have the center tape, only conect it to the ground.

  4. and forget the two 100R resistor and the cathode.