Sunday, May 26, 2013

Boss Noise Supressor NS-2 or Behringer NR300 mods

Mods for a more transparent bypass and effect, reducing the tone difference when the pedal is activated:

  • C3 (output cap) 1uF to 10 uF, for better bypass tone. UPDATE: 4,7uF
  • C25 10uF to 1uF, to make the effect tone equal to the bypass mode.
  • Remove R12 or change to 1M or 2M2, the original 100K + 1uF make a "tone control" in the signal.
  • Remove C16, for more high end on the effect.

See the picture:

* Use Boss schematic above to mod this Behringer stomp box.
** C9 could be reduced if there are some increase of the bass of the tone, when the effect is on.


  1. Hello guitar4geek,

    have you tested these mods yourself? any clips to share?

    Thank You!


    1. Thanks for the question, I tried all the mods and after that I wrote the blog. This mod in particular, has the intention to eliminate the difference in tone when the pedal is on and off. I have used 12 behringer stomps and the signal became very degraded. The test was listening the no effect tone when the pedal was on and off, and made the changes until the difference became minimal. Sorry but I didn´t have a before and after clip.
      But you can begining removing C12 and R16, to hear the diference. If you didn't like, you can put then back. Share your experience if you decide to do.
      *I used a Stratocaster guitar at the tests with 500k volume and tone pots to better hear the difference in the trebles.

  2. If I am understanding correctly, I can just swap c3 and c25, correct? Also, did you mix up your c and r numbers in the reply? Thanks

    1. Hi, tks.
      Yes, just swap c3 and c25 or use some left over at home.
      It's R12 and C16, sorry for the typing error.

  3. nr 300 mod are compatible with nr 100 model?

  4. I m not sure, because I've never opened th nr 100, but it is possible to be very alike. tks