Sunday, April 12, 2015

Boss Chorus CH 1 and Behringer UC200 Mod

Mods for more thicker effect options:

  • Add a toggle switch (on-off-on) to select the C18 values, this will change the delay time of the out of tune signal, before it is added to the guitar signal. The middle position will be off and only a 5pf (or 4,7pF) value is seeing by the circuit, no delay at all, the others positions will select two 0 to 100pF trimmers that can be adjusted as you wish, for a pleasant delay color. Adding more delay time, more thicker will be the chorus effect.
  • Optionally, reduce the value of C30 (or remove it) to upper the trebles, only in case of a dead tone problem.

*     In place of one trimmer, could be used the original 47pF capacitor.
**   Behringer have originaly  a 5pF in parallel to a 47pF (C18) capacitor.
*** The C18 mod is very famous in the internet foruns.

See the picture:

boss ch1 mod

*Use Boss schematic above to mod this Behringer stomp box.

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