Sunday, October 13, 2013

Speaker cable - DIY

Try out DIY speaker cables to conect the head and the speaker in a tube amp combo, is cheap and fun. Your ears will be the judges, the text bellow is only my perceptions.

Lets go:

  1. Buy a good quality cable, plug and connectors.
  2. Take over the inner wire of the cable, if it is necessary.
  3. Cut the wire in six equals parts (e.g. 30cm each). Try to use two different colors, for example, red and white.
  4. Make two groups of wire, for example, one red with two white and two white with one red. 
  5. Then twist each group like girls do in the hair.
  6. Take the two groups and twist again.
  7. Join the same colors wire ends to solder.
  8. Solder the plug and the connectors to the ends.
  9. Test the isolation of each terminal with a multimeter or some how.
  10. Try it out.

First one - I've used a 0,3 mm tinned copper mic cable:

* sounded very balanced and natural in my 5W tube amp, more bass and highs, very good recommendation, the best in this post.

Second one - I've used a 0,32 mm copper (no tinned) cable used for power adapters:

* I've got aggressive mids in my 5W tube amp, a lot of mids, and not so much harmonics and the worst results.

Third one - I've used a 0,5 mm copper (no tinned) common interconnection cable:

* I've got singing mids in my 5W tube amp, a lot of bass and presence too, a very bluesy sound, I liked the harmonics.

Fourth one - I've used two 0,5 mm common copper conductors (no tinned), twisted not tight (thats why I didn't used shrink). It worked very well as my poor standard cable.

Fifhty one - I've used the thined speaker wire removed from my fender bullet amp. The result was a shine tone, with good notes separation. It worked very fine in a tube amp, but I dislike this wire in my Solid State amp.

Speaker cable - DIY

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